Cross of Nails Community in Marion,IN

Gethsemane Episcopal Church in Marion, IN is an affiliate of Cross of Nails Community based in Coventry Cathedral, UK. Following the horrific destruction of much of the medieval church by bombs in 1940 air raids, clergy and members of the cathedral established what has become a worldwide movement seeking to reconcile and heal conflict on the local, national, and international basis.

For the last several years, the clergy and members of Gethsemane have also committed to the work of reconciliation and healing. We have made efforts to facilitate discussion of race, sexuality, and women’s issues. Parishioners have participated training and seminars in poverty and minority concerns in the Diocese of Los Angeles. Our rector has attended reconciliation meetings in Syria and Cyprus. He was awarded a grant from the Lily Foundation to travel to Israel to study matters about the Palestine- Israeli conflict.

Gethsemane Parish was pleased to be accepted as an affiliate of the Cross of Nails. Local communities of are encouraged to take from the CCN global mission those things that apply to the particular situation that applies to them.

Mission of the CCN in Marion, Indiana

The purpose of our community is to explore our hope and commitment to live and work toward the reconciliation of all things in Christ. To that end, three areas of mission follow.

Healing the Wounds of History

The wrongs of the past continue to haunt the Marion area. Racism persists. The lynching of two African- American young men and the attempted lynching of a third in 1930 has resulted in considerable pain, anger, and mistrust. The collapse of manufacturing has led to systemic poverty, personal and familial dysfunction across racial groups. The Marion CCN will not solve these problems but rather work to address them through discussion and debate.

Living with Difference and Celebrate Diversity

The community must seek to reconcile issues of identity and inclusion.
As Christians, we are committed to showing by example a way to a just and inclusive society. We will address the issues which divide us such as sexuality, gender, ethnicity, and equity.

Building a Culture of Peace

We will strive for an end to violence on a personal and societal level by becoming a symbol of hope as well advocates for averting violence. We will teach peace.

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